The 12 Coolest Things You Saw On The Web This Week

Another week, another 12 cool, amazing things on the web, as suggested by the Webmaker community in our community callCheck out Mozilla Webmaker and help contribute to the web’s awesomeness by making your own site. Or just tell us about a particularly cool amazing thing you found on the web. 
  • One Community Ranch is building a village out of 100% earth friendly, sustainable materials, for around $1000-1500 a unit. Each unit has a different design, but all of them are sustainable, practical and quite beautiful.

    Sustainable Village

  • GrabBox. This ridiculously useful utility automatically copies any screen shots you make to your Dropbox folder and your clipboard for easy access. Extremely useful. Kate Hudson sent us this one.
  • The Free Art and Tech Lab presents F.A.T. Gold, an awesome exhibition showcasing some of its the coolest projects in its five year history. Has some streaming video as well.
    “Release early, often and with rap music.” This is Notorious R&D.” –F.A.T. Lab
  • Stroll through the streets of Zurich: I’ve never wanted to go there but this site sure showcases the city. Make sure you turn the sound up for this one. Other cities really need to have something like this!
  • @tldrio, my new favorite startup/service, launched some new features.
    The great part is that they are going to conform to the Web Literacy Standard, which we proudly support.
  • Anyone for Pizza? Those little clips on the side may back memories if you are a child of the 80’s/early 90’s. Anyone else remember Samurai Pizza Cats? I’ll bet Jacob does.  Anyway, its adorable.
  • Am I Responsive? Was a candidate for the .Net awards, along with a lot of other Mozilla projects. Voting just ended. We wish them the best of luck.
  • Because bacon makes everything better (supposedly). Bacon up your website!
    I’m afraid this was a huge hit at a recent webmaker school visit (with 9/10 year olds).
  • “You Must Code to Survive.” Giant Robots really do make everything better.
    This video game teaches kids javascript through battling robots. A lovely example of gamification.


And of course, there’s some Mozilla stuff.


  • MOUSE Squad teens participate in a challenge to remix the front page of the New York Times the year 2112 using X-Ray Goggles. Here’s the hilarious winning entry.


  • Jason Silva always blows my mind. Check out his latest creation, Brain Games.

See you next week!

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