More awesome stuff from the web. This time, we look at the sound of money, the dangers of social media, and a CAD program from the days when computers measured their memory in bites. Plus, some Harrison Ford.
  • That there? That’s the sweet, sweet sound of internet commerce. Hear BitCoin transactions in real time. So how much do you think a BitCoin is really worth, anyway?

  • The incredible social media cautionary tale of Adam Orth.  The tl:dr version is that Adam Orth lost his job because he wasn’t thinking when he made some public tweets. I guess we can start counting the days till someone else ends up loosing their job because they didn’t pay enough attention to social media.
  • Harry Potter Quidditch meme:  AKA. Pottering.  If the Russians had of had broom technology in the 80’s, Red Dawn would have been a very short (but even cooler) movie. Wolverines!!!!
  • Hyper-lapse!   Remember how we were saying last week that every city should have something like this?
    Well, this is just a little bit closer to reality now.
  • This video from a Learning Party Pop-Up at Hive NYC member NYSCI is the best explanation/demonstration of what we hope the Maker Party 2013 will be like: teens describing exploring their passions, skills, experience and fun in a Real World style “confession booth.” Plus, Webmaker Tools get a shout-out about five minutes in.
  • Avengers get medieval of the medieval times:
Verily, I wouldist partake of yonder purveyor of Shawarma, for I hath heard tales of the legendary foodstuff.

Verily, I wouldist partake of yonder purveyor of Shawarma, for I hath heard tales of the legendary foodstuff.

Photoshopped "Radiers of the Lost Arc" poster.

No Shia Labeouf or nuking fridges in this one, we promise.

  • Check out this candid interview with Han Solo Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel that are in no way related to the new Star Wars movie.
  • How Animals Eat Their Food: This just had me in stitches. And at 41 million hits, I’m guessing I’m not alone.
  • And, because we’re all about mixing up art and science…
    Equations on paper.

    Equations on paper.

    Also, we learned to count to 12 this week.



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