Back with another week of cool stuff, which was scoured from the distant corners of the web. Music, and politics, and science, and learning, Lego(TM) and robots from China, and all that jazz. Or David Bowie at least. Send us any links you think sufficiently cool.

State of the Web


What you could see if it passes.


Crocheted Firefox Phone Cover


  • Lego school! Using Lego to teach critical thinking and logic. Wouldn’t you have loved this as a kid? Or maybe as an adult? Brickheads uber alles!

Lego School, Denmark

  • A site to learn how to fix your own gadgets, all free. Shows how how to fix them, how things work and where to get the parts.
Cool Tech 
  • Make Blocks:  – Design your own robot and they’ll build it for you. Check the download section for a complete part selection. Some of them can get quite complex. Located in Shenzhen China.

Meme of the Week


More then meets the eye!

Amazing stories
  • What It’s Like to Get Online After 25 Years in Prison –  Michael Santos has written several books on his experience of being in prison for 25 years. He started his own web site while in prison, by giving hand written code to his wife. A life coach and vocal crusader for prison reform, you can follow him on twitter at @MichaelGSantos.
  • Javier Aguera was working at startups as a young teen, and started the smart phone company, Geekphone, at 16 (Geekphone). Geekphone is now selling smart phones that run the Firefox OS, as of Tuesday. [Out of stock as of April 25th, 2013]


That’s it for this week. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions for sites.
And remember, “Don’t forget to be awesome.” John & Hank Green

The Coolest Stuff on the Web This Week

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