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Webmaker awesome links of the week

Lots of great links this week. Looking forward to seeing a summer filled with hacking mad art/science, both on the web and in real life. There are also a bunch of interesting non-Mozilla instructional links, and finally an rocking end to Chris Hadfield’s journey into space.

Gear up for a summer of making and connecting! NYT article about the summer of making and connecting campaign. “It’s about following your interests, not being afraid to ask questions or make mistakes, and producing something real.”- Article.

A mobile, fire-breathing dragon, 90 feet long, that contains a lounge for 20, was created by Ryan C. Doyle and Teddy Lo for the World Maker Faire in 2011

Popathon Europe – A huge collaborative effort to show some of the awesome stuff popcorn can do. New videos come out Monday!

This photo of Mark Surman shaking hands with Obama:

Mark Surman shaking hands with Obama

This Great Storify from Matt Jukes on Connected Learning from #teachtheweb shows how remixing can help us learn. 

“Weaponizing Collusion.” A sneak peak at Collusion 1.0. You can use it to control tracking and setting for individual sites. Collusion is designed to make the web (and trackers) more transparent, improve user awareness and increase web privacy and security. If you missed it earlier, you can check out the Ted Talk.

iframe src=”; width=”640″ height=”403″ frameborder=”0″ mozallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe

This CCS gradient tool was created by Microsoft. Surprise: It’s actually pretty good!

Learn how to use CSS box shadows:  @Debloper created this brilliant tutorial.

Google Image search ‘atari breakout’ You can check out other Google Easter eggs, here.

Atari Breakout on Google image search

Child Abuse Billboard: Advertising for social justice. This billboard shows a special message for children and a number for them to call which is invisible to those over 4 feet tall.

Sign viewed differently by children

Sad Rap“Basically we represent the side of rap that isn’t being glorified. We’re embracing the reality of the struggle rather than trying to portray a facade or a lifestyle that we aren’t really about without going about it in a conscious way. We’re sad and proud.” – Little Pain

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal – Meme of the week. It’s much funnier than it sounds.

Gosling won't eat his cereal

Space Oddity… IN SPACEEEEEEE! Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield with the most epic cover ever (and an epic mustache).

That’s it for this week. Be sure to send us any cool stuff you find!


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Its time again for the most awesome stuff on the web this week, as suggested by the Webmaker community. This week’s selection showcases some great webtools and how they are being used, particularly Popcorn. Also, see how big the border is and how small the world is. 



The Earth from orbit

  • This cool image gallery that lets you explore the US / Mexico border:

Border Fence

  • This isn’t new, but if you liked Amy Burvall’s History Lessons For Music Lovers, why not check out Crash Course World History? There’s also videos for chemistry and American history. Warning: Addiction may follow! Also, beware of the Mongols.

Crash Course Logo

  • A little heavy for this list, but this Ted Talk by Dr. Jackson Katz shows the importance of men and bystanders in ending sexism. Its from back in February, but its making some viral rounds right now, and its message is critical.


Awesome stuff from the web!

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Awesome Things From the Web

And now, 16 more awesome (and awful) things from the web. As always, send in your suggestions to the link below.


  • Red Panda Gymnast – Imagine a raccoon, only fluffier and much more adorable. This one also does 300 pull ups a day.
Red Panda doing what it does best: being absurdly cute

Not the uber fit Red Panda, but this one’s pretty cool too.


  • Churnalism – Just plug in text or a URL and this checker will look to see how much of the article is ripped from another source, and what source it’s ripped from. Great to spot plagiarism or questionable sources.
journalismwarninglabels2 small Journalism Warning Labels   bringing the fight to sloppy reporting

Taken from





  • I had never seen this (not new): It’s great to see games used to teach coding!

Learn to code!


  • Chad Sansing published this incredible blog post about his journey with coding, teaching and Webmaker that I think is essential reading for us all. He’s a teacher in central Virginia that is a leader with the National Writing Project and been a key bridge builder between our organizations.
  • Why I Code: A student’s perspective

From "This is why I code" on facebook.


Viral Marketing done right


“Would you kindly click the link above?”

Amazing Webdesign!


Taken from

  • Neat visual analogy of how the web works: understanding a DDoS attack with Pong 
  • This dynamic video experiment from art, copy and code gathers data points like time, location, weather and what’s happening on the web and incorporates them into the video. The result is a personalized experience that rewards repeat views.


  • A very meta form of copy protection: release a pirated version of your game development game, in which users go bankrupt due to ridiculously high piracy rates after a few hours of play.

Yo dawg, I put piracy in your piracy so you can know what it feels like to be a tiny indie developer.


Is It Worth the Time?


Star Wars 

  • Behind the scenes pics from the filming of Star Wars.
Image taken from comics beat, via creative commons.

Behold the empire, reborn!

That’s all for now! As always, add in your own suggestions below if you find a website that is particularly awesome/awful/cool or just funny.

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