Its time again for the most awesome stuff on the web this week, as suggested by the Webmaker community. This week’s selection showcases some great webtools and how they are being used, particularly Popcorn. Also, see how big the border is and how small the world is. 



The Earth from orbit

  • This cool image gallery that lets you explore the US / Mexico border:

Border Fence

  • This isn’t new, but if you liked Amy Burvall’s History Lessons For Music Lovers, why not check out Crash Course World History? There’s also videos for chemistry and American history. Warning: Addiction may follow! Also, beware of the Mongols.

Crash Course Logo

  • A little heavy for this list, but this Ted Talk by Dr. Jackson Katz shows the importance of men and bystanders in ending sexism. Its from back in February, but its making some viral rounds right now, and its message is critical.


Awesome stuff from the web!

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